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Cleaning, polishing and brushing again

We offer a wide range of shoe supplies: the range of shoe polish and shoe laces is the largest of the Roermond area! From black to white and from pink to apple green, with more than 100 different colours of shoe-polish there is always the right color for you.

Meters of laces
We have meters of laces for you! You have plenty of choice in laces from 45 to 200 cm for every shoe. You can choose from over 250 different laces: flat, round, thick, thin, waxed or leather.

Holes in your soles
Holes or other problems with your soles? We have a wall of 3.5 m long filled with all kinds of soles in size 24-48:

  • leather
  • terry
  • against smell
  • orthotics
  • foot support
  • heel increase
  • gel and silicone pads
  • anti-slip

Extra's for your shoe
We sell cleaning products for smooth leather, suede, nubuck, gore-tex and varnish, such as:

  • cleaner
  • paint
  • anti-rain
  • shoe deodorant
  • oil
  • wax
  • grease
  • anti-pinch
  • brushes
  • shoe and boot tensioners
  • get into your shoe support
  • complete maintenance kits for holidays