Blokhak Schoenmakerij Chris
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Give your shoes a second chance, it's a shame to throw them away!

Worn out shoes or holes in your soles? We will repair your shoes professionally, so they can keep on walking a while longer! 

Blokhak Schoenmakerij Chris is a certified shoe repairing company. Our repairs are submitted to a quality inspection by the Shoemakers Guild each year and we work with the best materials. Your shoes are in good hands.

We know where your shoes pinch!
Are your boots too broad or too narrow? We can often solve these kind of problems.
Visit us for all types of shoe repairing, for example the (re)placement of:

■(inside) soles
■heel lining

Van Bommel and Van Lier
We repair your quality shoes with original materials of, for instance, Van Bommel and Van Lier. 

We repair Hiking boots with Vibram or Mephisto materials.

We will help you get back on your feet!

We can also take care of orthopedic shoe corrections, for instance:

■leg shortening 
■certain constructions 
■control of the shoe 

Happy with your bag
Did you know we also repair bags? Rather a new one? We also sell bags and belts.